Patient Services Guide

Encompass Direct Care offers preventative, acute, and complimentary alternative medicine services, making us an integrative primary care provider. In this guide, we’ll do our best to list all that our members receive for their monthly membership. If you don’t see a service listed here that you want, please ask!

Typical Office Hours

With the exception of holidays and a rare clinic closure, we are available for members during these times for in-person, virtual, and telehealth visits.

  • Monday & Tuesday – 9pm – 6pm
  • Wednesday & Thursday – 9am – 5pm
  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday – Closed

Preventative Care – Health & Wellness

Office visits for ongoing preventative care and for general health and wellness are included with your Membership as described in the Fee Schedule.  There are no itemized fees for office visits.

Limited Urgent Care

Encompass Direct Care is able to provide same or next-day care for limited urgent issues such as sprains, lacerations requiring stitches, infections, and more. If you are unsure if we are able to care for your current medical issue, please call and we will help assess your situation – we would love to save you an expensive visit to the emergency room!

After-Hours Availability

There is no guarantee of after-hours availability. However, your Physician will make reasonable efforts to see you as needed after hours if your Physician is available.  Should a NON-emergency, urgent injury or illness occur and after-hours and care is necessary prior to the next business day, our recommendation is to first call our after-hours line at 360.946.2400 and then to visit an after-hours urgent care clinic or the emergency room as a secondary option. Think of our after-hours number as your first line of defense.

Chronic Condition Management

A membership with Encompass Direct Care is perfect for those who are managing chronic conditions such as thyroid disorders, high blood pressure, asthma, and many others. We will take the time to understand your condition and help you manage it in a way that works best for you.

Medications & Prescriptions

Prescriptions can be sent to your pharmacy of choice, or we may have or be able to stock that prescribed medication and it can be filled right in our clinic. As a benefit to our members, we pass on our wholesale cost of medications, often saving our members up to 90%. An example of common medications we stock and their prices can be found in our Pricing Guide.


We carry many of our most frequently prescribed professional-grade supplements. Members receive a 35% discount on retail pricing. An additional advantage is that supplements prescribed by a physician are tax-free. Membership pricing on supplements is limited to the typical amount prescribed by your Physician for personal use.

Laboratory Testing

Encompass Direct Care offers basic on-site laboratory testing (pregnancy tests, basic urine tests, strep throat testing, and others) free of charge to members. Membership also includes necessary labs for annual physicals (CBC, CMP, and lipid panel). Much like prescriptions and supplements, we pass on our wholesale cost of each lab to our members (often saving up to 75 – 90%). An example of common labs and their prices are listed in our Pricing Guide.

Pathology Studies

The most common pathological studies are skin biopsies. We will order these in the most economical manner possible. Anticipated prices for these studies will be added to the Pricing Guide soon.

In-Office Procedures

Many in-office procedures are offered at no additional cost unless otherwise designated in the Pricing Guide, which can be found on our website. In-office procedures we are generally comfortable performing are:

  • Wound care
  • Stitches
  • Toenail removal
  • Mole removal
  • Cyst removal
  • Injections & IVs
  • and more

Prices for these procedures can be found in our Pricing Guide.

Vitamin Injections & IV Therapy

Members receive a 10% discount on IV Therapy and vitamin injections. Pricing for vitamin injections and IVs are listed in the Pricing Guide.

Regenerative Injections

Members receive a 10% discount on regenerative injections (Prolotherapy and PRP). Pricing for regenerative injections can be found in the Pricing Guide.

Specialty Care Coordination

When a procedure, illness, or issue reaches beyond our scope of expertise, we will act as your referring primary care provider – coordinating the referral, communicating with the specialist, and helping to follow through with your care plan.

Hospital & Emergency Room Coordination

If you have a serious emergency requiring immediate medical attention, call 911, then call Encompass Direct Care (or have hospital personnel contact us) in order to let us know so we may help coordinate your care.

Should a member require hospitalization, or an emergency room visit, Encompass Direct Care will communicate with the hospital, send any necessary information or records (at the permission of that member) that might be required, and help to coordinate your care to the extent feasible.

What is Not Included

Membership with Encompass Direct Care does not include the following:

  • pediatric care for children under 13
  • obstetric and gynecologic services
  • maternity / prenatal care
  • vaccinations
  • specialist care
  • advanced imaging
  • emergency & hospital services
  • end of life care


We would like to offer some of these services in our office in the future, but due to our current small size, we are unable to offer these services at this time.  We will, however, be pleased to help you find the best source for these types of care as needed and will be working to help negotiate lower cash prices for care with certain specialists and/or advanced imaging services.