IV Therapy in Vancouver WA: How to Choose the Right IV Therapy Clinic

If you’re looking for a place to get IV therapy in Vancouver, WA, you might be wondering what to look for when choosing the right clinic. This article provides seven tips that will help you make informed decisions about your health and wellness, specifically IV therapy in Vancouver, WA.

For a brief background, intravenous therapy – more commonly referred to as IV therapy – is a well-established medical practice that delivers medication, fluid, or other essential vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream, ensuring complete absorption. Hospitals have long used IV therapy for administering medications. Now, it is snowballing in popularity among health-conscious people of all ages to deliver supportive nutrients for therapeutic uses and preventative healthcare.

When considering where to go for IV therapy in Vancouver, WA, it is crucial to consider the following seven factors.

Cleanliness – is the equipment clean?

When it comes to your health and safety, specifically regarding treatment that involves an injection, we cannot overemphasize the importance of cleanliness. “Everything should be sterile and easily sanitized,” says Dr. Eli Hudson. Unclean conditions can make you more vulnerable to infection or illness. The equipment should be clean, but also the surrounding area. Countertops and other surface areas should be free of dust, clutter, and debris.

Similarly, while cleanliness in the treatment area is paramount, observing the office as a whole can be telling. The waiting room, bathroom, and general areas kept clean and tidy are indicators that a practice places a high priority on sanitary conditions for patients.

Are treatments prepared under a Laminar Flow Hood?

A Laminar Flow Hood is like a portable cleanroom. Professional healthcare facilities understand it is critical to prepare IV treatments in an environment free from airborne contamination. Thus, prepping IVs under a flow hood is essential. Noting that extra caution for patients is a priority, Dr. Hudson adds, “It’s another layer of protection for the safety & health of IV recipients. Not every facility uses one, but they should.”

Ask about osmolarity

The osmolarity is the concentration level of the formula inside the IV therapy bag. More than just a way to sound educated, asking about the IV therapy treatment’s osmolarity will help you determine if you’re dealing with a top-tier practitioner or perhaps someone with less experience or competence. 

When considering a location to get IV therapy in Vancouver, WA, Dr. Hudson recommends asking them about osmolarity. “If they can’t tell you what the osmolarity is, they haven’t checked to make sure their formulas are properly concentrated.” That could put you at a higher risk for potential side effects, so it is important to know.

Ask about Ph – is the IV treatment Ph-balanced?

The term “Ph-balanced” gets thrown around a lot with health and beauty products. It is an expression of the acidity of the item in question. A proper Ph-balance ensures that the formula aligns with the natural Ph of what is best suited for your body.

If the treatment is not Ph-balanced, the IV could be painful. “A Ph-balanced IV lowers the risk of phlebitis, a painful inflammation of the veins,” warns Dr. Hudson. The discomfort of phlebitis could easily overshadow the positive effects of IV therapy treatment. Considering that individuals seek out IV treatments to promote optimal health, unnecessary inflammation is counterproductive to the goal. Therefore, it is essential to find a provider that strives to maintain Ph-balance in their treatments.

Are the supplies organized?

Just like a clean office and treatment area are good signs that a clinic prioritizes patient health and safety, the way they organize (or fail to), is a likely indicator of the quality of service. 

One tip is to ask to see where they keep their vials or nutrients. Dr. Hudson adds, “If things are disorganized and look like a mess, you shouldn’t be getting an IV there.” On the contrary, clear organization, labeling, and a tidy workspace are key indicators to be confident in the quality of the service you receive.

Think of it this way: when everything has a place, items are labeled, stored correctly, and kept clean; it is a solid indicator that they are concerned with detail and professionalism. Facilities with elevated care and organization will likely bring that same level of attention to the treatment of their patients. 

Watch out for up-selling

When you visit a health clinic, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not you are being taken advantage of with unnecessary items and services for sale. Similar to the closer at a car dealership who wants to sell you an extended warranty, if the office staff at the clinic is trying to up-sell you a bunch of add-ons, you should be skeptical. It is unlikely you really need them. Like many up-sells, the philosophy is to capitalize on a fear you may have or offer a “limited-time special,” creating a false urgency to buy something you don’t need. 

“There’s a difference between selling a product and practicing medicine,” Dr. Hudson reminds us. The most reputable clinic is concerned with your health first and foremost – not making a few extra bucks from each of your visits. If an IV therapy clinic pesters you to add-on services, consider looking elsewhere.

Do they apply heat before IV insertion?

Often it is the extra touches that tell you the place of business is concerned about you having a positive experience, like the dentist’s office that offers you a bottle of water during your wait or an auto shop with self-service popcorn. Similarly, it is not a medical requirement to apply heat before an IV therapy treatment, but it is a nice touch. It is a sign that the medical team is looking out for you.

The IV therapy pack contains cold fluids – which means when inserted straight away, it can result in cold, uncomfortable hands, arms, or veins. Dr. Eli Hudson says, “A hot pack can make the experience much more comfortable.” Getting poked with needles is already an uncomfortable experience for many people, so a health provider who seeks to minimize the discomfort by applying heat to the area before treatment indicates that you’ve found the right place to receive your IV therapy.


These seven points are solid indicators of whether the clinic you are researching for IV therapy is reputable and prioritizes your health, safety, and comfort as the patient. If you find one or more of these items missing or not to your satisfaction, we suggest looking elsewhere for treatment.

We are committed to all of these items as part of our practice every day for each patient. Dr. Eli Hudson and the team at Encompass Direct Care take pride in providing a clean, sanitary, and organized facility. Additionally, we check our IV formulas for proper osmolarity (concentration) and Ph-balance (correct acid balance). Our priority is to provide you with the most comfortable treatment experience in our commitment to our patients. Our goal is to give the best service to achieve and maintain optimal health.

When looking for IV therapy in Vancouver, WA, we’d be honored to have you give us a try at Encompass Direct Care.

For any questions, please send us a message or give us a call at 360.926.0026. Or, to book an appointment online, see our IV therapy menu.