How Membership Works

(Hint: It’s Simple!)

Dr. Eli Hudson, ND, DC

You Can Expect a Better Relationship with Your Physician

At Encompass Direct Care you have access to unlimited office visits for medical needs with your personal physician. Imagine having enough time to feel heard and seen every time you step into the office. At Encompass, there is little to no wait time, and you won’t be rushed out the door. You’re able to get the healthcare you deserve – without insurance getting in the way.

And Lower Out of Pocket Expenses

Say goodbye to co-pays, deductibles, and unexpected bills lurking around in your mailbox. With us, everything is straightforward. You will always know what the bottom line will be… and you will be surprised at how much you can save!

Our members only pay for:

  • Labs
  • Medications & Professional Grade Supplements
  • Advanced Procedures
  • X-rays, Ultrasounds, EKGs
  • IV Therapy & Regenerative Injections

And they are all at-cost or deeply discounted! With us, you can save up to 75-90% on medications and labs alone. Interested in how much we can save you? View our pricing guide for membership pricing on our list of services, common labs, and medications.

Here’s How to Get Started

It’s quick and easy. We promise!


Watch our videos to get a better idea of what membership with us looks like. See how it can work for you while paired with health insurance or medical cost-sharing programs.


Registering with Encompass Direct Care online is easy, and your membership benefits can start today! Don’t want to register online? That’s ok. Visit our office for our paper registration packet.


Experience the peace of mind that comes with having easy access to healthcare professionals that know and care about YOU – in person, over the phone, or the internet.

Membership Benefits & Rates


  • Unlimited medical & wellness visits
  • Same or next-day appointments for urgent needs
  • Free annual physical & accompanying lab work (CBC, CMP, lipid panel)
  • At-cost labs
  • At-cost medications & professional grade supplements
  • Sports physicals
  • 10% Discount on IVs and Regenerative Injections



1 adult



2 adults



2 adults and up to 3 dependents (ages 13-26)



1 adult and up to 3 dependents (ages 13-26)


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