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Anxious About Keeping Your Health on the Back Burner?

Have you been avoiding seeing your doctor because you’re not sure what the bottom line will be?

Then, when you do make an appointment, you have to wait weeks to be seen – and deep down inside, you know it’s not the best care?

Or maybe that weekend trip to urgent care (with a doctor that doesn’t know you) cost you $300 for a simple prescription.

With our membership, you get accessible, affordable healthcare with no unexpected fees – and we can see you TODAY.

We Make Healthcare Personal & Affordable

As a Member, you have access to your personal physician for health, wellness, and some urgent needs without having to worry about co-pays or deductibles.

Unlimited, Unrushed Office Visits

At Encompass Direct Care, your insurance company doesn’t get to determine or put limits on the quality of care you receive.

No Deductibles 
No Copays

There are no extra charges for medical office visits with your membership, so you can hold onto more of your hard-earned money.

Integrative Healthcare Options

We offer both natural and modern treatments to our members. You get to decide what’s best for you.

Medications, Labs & More At-Cost

We are devoted to saving you money. We pass along at-cost pricing on medications, professional grade supplements, labs, and more.

We Would Love to Be Your Healthcare Home

Joining online is quick and easy.


Watch our videos to get a better idea of what membership with us looks like. See how it can work for you while paired with health insurance or medical cost-sharing programs.


Registering with Encompass Direct Care online is easy, and your membership benefits can start today! Don’t want to register online? That’s ok. Visit our office for our paper registration packet.


Experience the peace of mind that comes with having easy access to healthcare professionals that know and care about YOU – in person, over the phone, or the internet.

Membership Benefits & Rates


  • Unlimited medical & wellness visits
  • Same or next-day appointments for urgent needs
  • Free annual physical & accompanying lab work (CBC, CMP, lipid panel)
  • At-cost labs
  • At-cost medications & professional grade supplements
  • Sports physicals
  • 10% Discount on IVs and Regenerative Injections



1 adult



2 adults



2 adults and up to 3 dependents (ages 13-26)



1 adult and up to 3 dependents (ages 13-26)


What Our Patients Are Saying…

Testimonial 6


My experience has been above my expectations. The office is very comfortable and beautifully appointed. Dr. Hudson is really thorough. He is very informative and I leave the office with detailed written instructions that I understand and feel confident following. Everything is streamlined to make it easy to acquire medications and supplements. I recently had my first IV treatment and I felt amazing after the treatment. I have found a healing place for a lifetime! Thank you Allison and Dr. Hudson!

Testimonial 5


Dr. Hudson was the first medical professional that I saw that was able to help my injury. After multiple visits to other doctors and physical therapists over the span of a year I was in much pain with few answers or help. That left me with daily inflammation and inability to go about my days without having to lay down or take breaks regularly and some days not be able to work at all. He is an amazing and talented chiropractor on a mission to help others understand their healing process as well as get them feeling healthy again. I am extremely happy with the service I have received here in just 6 weeks of rehabilitating my neck. Both Allison and Dr. Eli helped me feel welcome and were very helpful with this time in my life.

Testimonial 4


Amazing experience. I injured my foot 12 years ago and could barely walk or stand on my feet more than 10 minutes. The pain was constant. I visited numerous doctors and physical therapists to no avail. Dr. Hudson was able to accurately diagnose and treat the issue immediately. Now I’m pain free and running around like I was before the injury.

Testimonial 2


Very impressed with my first visit! The front office was very helpful, friendly, and extremely responsive to my requests. Dr. Eli was knowledgeable, thorough, and compassionate in my initial consultation. He asked great questions and really listened to my concerns. I came away from that visit feeling much better, and empowered to take the next steps toward building optimal health and wellness.

Testimonial 1


Dr. Hudson is the kindest doctor I’ve met in a long time! He was so thoughtful and attentive while I shared my concerns with him and he recommended a treatment that was right for ME, not an off the shelf option. Check-in for my first visit was easy and painless, no muss no fuss and Dr. Hudson respected my time to start the visit on time! Definitely recommend for all of your health needs!

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